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Welcome to this week in the weird — with an assortment of deadly sirens, demonic possessions, interactive crochet structures, upside down worlds, and ghostly documentaries.


Siren Song (Leterboxd)

In this interview, Christian Petzold, writer and director of Undine, talks about "modern-day mermaids, Tinder culture and finding the magic in life." He notes,

"All the movies I [have] made, including Undine, are about surviving. Undine wanted to survive her curse—she tries to, every time, since centuries ago. In so many iterations of the myth, Undine always has to go back into the lake and to the life the curse has set for her. I really wanted to zoom in on that, to liberate the character of Undine from the myth and the curse."

The Blackwell Ghost: Documentary or Horror Movie with a Great Hook? (iHorror)

In his review of The Blackwell Ghost, Waylon Jordan describes diving down a rabbit hole of research after the strange experience of watching a "documentary" that didn't quite feel real.  

Life & Lore

Explore the Largest Crochet Work by Artist Ernesto Neto at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (designboom)

On view in Houston, Texas, through September 21, 2021, the vibrant red-orange crochet work is an interactive exhibit, in which participants can climb through "the vital energy that enables life on this planet."

A Riveting Stranger Things Experience Will Turn SF Into The Upside Down Next Spring (Secret San Francisco)

Guests will be able to walk through iconic Stanger Things sets that will transport them to the Upside Down.


Demon Possession in Horror: Grab the Salt, it's an Exorcism Party! (Book Riot)

Jessica Avery offers unique literary takes on lost souls.

Short of the Week

In "Sufuric," written and directed by Jeff Brown, Jennifer returns from a trip to find something very, very wrong with her roommate. (Discovered via Screamfest.)

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