Gremlins, Cursed Dolls, and Sexy Monsters



The Best Horror Films Directed by Women in 2020 (iHorror)

Nine terrifying films directed by women — many of whom are first timers — to settle in and watch this week.

Valenterror! The Top 5 Thirst Trap Movie Monsters (Interstellar Flight)

“Instead of focusing on which movie monster could decimate the other, let’s ask a more compelling question: which movie monsters are the hottest?” noted E.E.W. Christman. “Or, more accurately, which horror movies treat their monsters as thirst traps for horror freaks?”


Wednesday Addams Live-Action Series Coming to Netflix From Tim Burton (IGN)

Dubbed “Wednesday,” the new 8-episode live-action series will be a coming of age story for Wednesday Adams, who will be attending Nevermore Academy, “where she’ll learn to control her psychic powers, deal with murderous monsters, and what else, solve a mystery involving her parents.”

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Adds Ming-Na Wen, BD Wong, Matthew Rhys to Cast (Variety)

Set in 1920s Shanghai, China, the upcoming animated family series relates the adventures of Gizmo the Mogwai and ten-year-old Sam Wing.

Life & Lore

Texas Sorry After Mistakenly Sending Emergency Alert for Cursed Chucky Doll (The Guardian)

I mean…, if there’s a murderous doll running around, I’d want to know.


Slashers, Carnivals, & Urban Legends: An Interview with Jessica Guess (Interstellar Flight)

“Black women and girls can literally be anything they want and I’m not just talking about the positive things,” says Guess. “Yeah, yeah, you can be a doctor or lawyer or whatever, but you also have a right to the rage you feel inside. You have a right to be angry. You can indulge in that anger.”

Ania Ahlborn Would Like You to Ouija Responsibly (Tor Nightfire)

Ania Ahlborn, author of Brother and The Devil Crept In, discussed hauntings, Ouija boards, and her love of typewriters.

Short of the Week

Directed by Constance Tsang, “Carnivore” is a satirical thriller about a female hedge fund manager feeling cornered in an unsatisfying role. Inevitably, her frustrations build and what feels like an endless anxiety dream quickly becomes a haunting reality she must face in order to claim her seat at the table.

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