Sitting by the Campfire

Dear Weirdlings,

Come sit by my campfire. Watch the shadows dance around us, vibrant, alive.

Listen, and they will spin tales for you.


Top 10 Black Horror Films to Watch after Horror Noire (Collider)

If you watched the fantastic documentary, Horror Noire (still streaming for free), then like us, you’re probably trying to decide which movies discussed in the doc you want to watch first. Here’s a list of films to get you started.

A Frozen Fairy Tale: Identity and Isolation in Eyes Without a Face (Diabolique Magazine)

Eyes Without a Face is a gorgeous French horror film, in which a doctor kidnaps women in order to provide a facial skin graft for his daughter, whose face was damaged in a car accident. In this essay, Miranda Corcoran intimately explores the film as “a fundamentally empathetic work that ruminates on questions of identity and freedom.”


Unsolved Mysteries Strives to Provide Hope (Once Weird)

Newly rebooted by Netflix, Unsolved Mysteries provides a grounded examination of cold cases and paranormal events — ultimately striving to provide the hope that once day these cases might be solved.


Hellier: A Syllabus (Once Weird)

If you loved Hellier — a paranormal documentary series involving a several-years-long investigation of Kentucky goblins, synchronicity, the Mothman, and other strange phenomena, — then you might (like us) be wanting to look into the books and other media mentioned in the show. Here’s a list to help with that.


The Pixel Campfire: Indie Horror in the Age of the Internet (Interstellar Flight)

Author B. Narr discusses how the internet connects the creator and the consumer, providing an opportunity for diverse voices to thrive in a way they never were able to before.

Short of the Week

Directed by Aislinn Clarke, Childer is a disturbing tale about a germaphobic woman and her son who begin to be visited by strange children in the woods.

Andrea Blythe
Author, poet, game writer, and lover of the fantastical, horrifying, and weird. Her latest poetry collection, Necessary Poisons, is forthcoming from Interstellar Flight Press.