Finding a Slice of Joy

Day-Walking Vampires, Underwater Creatures, and Disappearing Graves

My dearest Weirdlings,

Go vote.

You may be sick of hearing that, but it’s important. Vote.

Today will decide the future of the U.S. This is understandably causing considerable stress and anxiety for pretty much everyone — stress and anxiety that are likely to continue over the next few weeks as the fallout of the election becomes clear.

With the state of the election and the world being what it is, I hope that you can find a moment for yourself today. Whether it’s taking a hike, reading a book, writing in your journal, or rewatching your favorite scary movie, claim a moment of joy or delight or peace in your day.

I hope this week’s assemblage of weird news and reviews brings you some of that joy, particularly the phenomenal short film, “Suicide by Sunlight.”

For myself today, I’m going to limit my access to social media and work on my apocalyptic YA horror novel for National Novel Writing Month (which is hitting different this year).

Remember to vote today. Find a slice of joy. Stay safe.


The Best Upcoming Horror Movies To Look Forward To In 2020 (And Beyond) (Gamespot)

Including adaptations, reboots, sequels, and new franchise entries, here’s a multitude of horror films to look forward to over the next couple of years.

Slashing the Surface: Musically Connecting the Giallo and the Slasher (Daily Dead)

Examining the history giallo and slasher films, Charlie Brigden examines how the music of these two genres has played “a major part of the resurgence in film scores and soundtracks on the vinyl format, with a particular interest in music coming from horror cinema.”


James Wan Producing Supernatural Horror Series Archive 81 (Dread Central)

James Wan (known for directing Saw and The Conjuring) and Rebecca Sonnenshine (known for The Boys) are working together to produce an original show for Netflix inspired by the popular found-footage horror podcast.


Eat or Be Eaten in Surreal Underwater Horror Swallow the Sea (Dread XP)

In the indie game Swallow the Sea, you play a grotesque egg creature consuming other living things to survive.


The Legend of the Disappearing Graves at St. Thomas University (KDHL)

According to local legend, thirteen graves (belonging to twelve nuns and the priests who murdered them) seem to disappear as you walk along the trail.

Century-Old Theatre in Ontario Looking for Its Very Own Ghost (CTV News)

Over Hallowee, the Regent Theatre in Prince Edward County, Ontario, was looking to raise money by promising an opportunity to become the official ghost of the theater.

Short of the Week

In “Suicide by Sunlight,” directed Nikyatu Jusu, a day-walking Black vampire, protected from the sun by her melanin, is forced to suppress her bloodlust to regain custody of her estranged daughters.

Andrea Blythe
Author, poet, game writer, and lover of the fantastical, horrifying, and weird. Her latest poetry collection, Necessary Poisons, is forthcoming from Interstellar Flight Press.