Ghost Hunting, Humanoid Robots, and Weird Writers

Dear Weirdlings,

The election is over — and all I can feel is relief.

There’s work ahead, the kind of work required to repair and unravel the events over the past ten months (and beyond). The year 2020 (which has carried all the weight of a century) is not over yet, nor are it’s struggles.

But I’m relieved and I’m hopeful.


Jurassic World: Dominion Wraps Unprecedented 18-Month Pandemic-Era Production (IGN)

According to director Colin Trevorrow, the COVID protocols helped make the third film in the Jurassic World series a stronger movie.

Guatemala Submits Horror Pic La Llorona For International Oscar Race (Deadline)

La Llorona, a politically charged horror film blending modern reality with the Latin American Llorona myth, may have get an opportunity for an Academy Award.


The Best Reviewed Games of 2020 (So Far) (IGN)

Just like it says, an assemblage of games loved by reviewers, from strange puzzle games to survival horror.

Success of Phasmophobia Prompts Developer to Change Plans For Early Access (Bloody Disgusting)

With the cooperative ghost-hunting game, Phasmophobia, becoming a sudden surprise success, Dknighter (the sole developer) is having to reassess the game’s further development in order meet player expectations.


Disney Research Unveils a Skinless Humanoid Robot (designboom)

With it’s creepy lifelike eyes and exposed teeth, this humanoid robot is a thing of nightmares.


Ten Weird Writers to Save Us in 2020 (Silent Motorist Media)

Celebrating writers dedicated to crafting weird and unsettling stories, this article is likely to grow your reading list.

Short of the Week

For all the writers hitting the week-two struggles of National Novel Writing Month, I present, “Feed Your Muse,” written by Matt Sweeney and directed by Brendan Beachman. A struggling novelist acquires a famous author’s muse at a garage sale — but success may come at a price.

Andrea Blythe
Author, poet, game writer, and lover of the fantastical, horrifying, and weird. Her latest poetry collection, Necessary Poisons, is forthcoming from Interstellar Flight Press.